Use iPhone camera as a Magnifier in iOS 10


Use iPhone camera as a Magnifier in iOS 10


The latest iOS 10 brings a new feature that can help you use the iPhone camera as a Magnifier. This feature makes the on-screen image captured by camera bigger so that it is visible easily without any strain on the eyes. Here in this post, I will explain how to enable and use this feature.


Enable Magnifier in iPhone:


Before you can use this feature you need to enable it on your iPhone/iPad with iOS 10.


Step 1) Click the “Settings” app on your iPhone/iPad


iPhone Settings


Step 2) Select the “General”


General in iPhone


In General select “Accessibility”




In the Accessibility screen, Slide the button with “Magnifier” to the right to enable it.


Enable Magnifier
Enable Magnifier


Turn ON “Auto-Brightness” if you want iOS to automatically brightness and contrast when Magnifier is opened. However, you can also adjust them on your own.


Now you have turned ON the Magnifier.


Launch Magnifier in iPhone/iPad


To launch it you need to triple-click on the home screen. Depending upon the settings that are assigned to use the triple-click you will get a pop-up. You need to select the “Magnifier” from the different options shown on the screen.


Launch Magnifier


Using Magnifier in iPhone/iPad


After selecting it magnifier opens up with no zoom. To zoom in the text captured by the camera, you can slide the zoom circle at the bottom of the screen.


Step- 1


To further add on the visibility flashlight can be used to illuminate the things. This can be done by hitting the lightning bolt at the bottom of the screen. One of the best features is the lock button.


At the bottom. If you are having the problem with the focus going in and out you can lock the focus by selecting the lock button to stabilize things to an extent.


Step- 2


Another best feature of the magnifier is the ability to freeze the frame. Tap the big circle at the bottom center to freeze the screen and look at the things without holding it at the place. A big circle at the bottom will capture the screen you are looking at and will display it on the full screen. You can move the screen by dragging it adjusting the zoom as per your wish.


Step- 3


When you want to go back to the magnifier just tap the screen. Please note that this will not save the screen you were looking at, however you can take screenshots of the screen. Screenshots can be taken by pressing the home button and the power button at the same time.


To increase more visibility to the content you are viewing at filters can be used. To use the filter click on the filter button on the bottom right side of the screen.


Step- 4


Top of the controls shows different color filters such as White/Blue, Yellow/Blue… that can be selected by sliding it to right or left. “Invert filter” button at the bottom left of this screen, could be used to invert the filter selection used. Below the color filter, you can choose to change the brightness and contrast as per your will.


Step- 5


After selecting the Filter one can come back to the magnifier by clicking on the filter button. To change the zoom levels with filters still applied.


To remove the filters you can deselect the “Invert Filter” button (if it is selected) and slide the filter settings to not.


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