Use “Find My iPhone” to track iPhone and protect data


Use “Find My iPhone” to track iPhone and protect data:


“Find My iPhone” is one of the amazing features to set up on the iPhone.


It can locate your iPhone/iOS Device and help you protect the data on the iPhone remotely, once it is set on the iPhone.


What is “Find My iPhone”?


Find My iPhone is an iCloud based feature. It helps you to control your iPhone remotely. It can track the location of your iPhone, Protect the data stored in iPhone and some more actions. You can use the feature of Find My iPhone via, or through the app for iPhone / iPad via App Store. The app is free.


How to set up Find My iPhone for My device?


It is very simple to set up Find My iPhone in once device. There is no need for any other app to be installed on the iPhone for this. Every iPhone that has iCloud comes with Find My iPhone features pre-installed.


Set up Find My iPhone:


1) Open Settings,
2) Go to iCloud,
3) Scroll down and enable Find My iPhone, Now your iPhone is ready to be tracked.


How to use “Find My iPhone” to track my device.


1) Go to and login to your Apple account.
2) Click on “Find My iPhone”
3)Click on ‘Devices’ on the top-left.
4) Your iPhone should now be listed here. Click on it and you see the tracking going on the map.


Remove an iPhone from Find My iPhone:


1) Go to and click on ‘Find My iPhone’
2) Click on the devices tab on top-left
3) A device that’s shown as offline (not tracked)and it can be deleted. See the ‘x’ icon on the right of the device listing? Click it.
4) Once iCloud has recognized that the device is not connected to Find My iPhone, it will remove the device from the list.
5) You’ll be asked to confirm the removal. Click on Remove.


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