Tips To Stop Auto Update In Google Play Apps

Tips To Stop Auto Update In Google Play Apps.

Here we learn about Auto Update In Google Play Apps. Many at the time we pick our phone. What we see on the notification that an app is being downloaded by google play app. If you stop one you will see a few minutes later another app starts to download. This many at times look as if google play app has gone crazy. This is one of the main concerns with people who think “Where is my data evaporating”.

It is Auto Update In Google Play Apps. This is mainly to improve the performance of the apps installed on the phone. Many at times it is good but it can slow down your  Android device, can use all your Mobile Data, Can decrease the internal memory of the Android device or many more.

However, there is nothing to worry about this matter. As you can solve this problem with a few simple steps in your Android phone.

Steps to Stop Auto Update:

1) Open the Google Play app on your phone.

2) Click on the Menu bar (Three horizontal lines) on the top left corner. This will open a new navigation drawer.

3) Scroll down to click Settings.

4) Tap Auto-update apps.

5) You will see three options. You have to select “Do not auto-update apps”

This is the way how you can stop the problem of Auto Update. Moreover, note that from now you would have to Manually update the apps that you want to update.

You can watch this video for more clarification.


However even after this if you want to reactivate the Auto Update in your Android device. You have to follow all the first 4 steps as it is. In this 5th step you can choose  Auto-update apps at any time. Data charges may apply, or Auto-update app over Wi-Fi only depending on the way you want to update the apps in your Android device.

To manually update apps click here.