Things To Remember About WordPress Installation On Your Local Host

Things To Remember About WordPress Installation On Your Local Host


Hello friends, today we will talk about how you can install a WordPress website by making your local computer As a local host and you can design your website very easily and transfer it to live hosting.


 So friends, stay with me to learn.


First of all, you have to download the software named Bitnami from the given link, So you can download it by clicking here.


If you have downloaded your setup, do the following steps carefully.


 step 1

You should right-click above the setup and click Run As Administrator.  And click OK on the upcoming dialog box.



Now click on Next as per the screenshot below.





Now tick the box of WordPress and PhpMyAdmin and click on Next.





Now here, enter the name of the folder by which you want to save all the folders or files of the local host on your computer and drive and then click on Next.





Here, carefully enter your real name, your email ID and the name you want to create a username and at the end enter the password and keep in mind that use only alphabet and numbers in the password.  And now press Next.





You do not have to change anything in this step.  Just click on Next.





Here also you do not have to make any changes, just click the Next.





You do not need any changes in MySQL server port too, just click on Next.





In this step, you enter the name of your blog which you like.  And click on Next.





Here in SMTP Settings you have to remove the tick in the mailbox and then click on Next.





Here Launch WordPress in the cloud with Bitnami, also uncheck you and click on Next.





Now here we are going towards the last process of installation, so you just have to click on Next.





Now here you wait according to the speed and configuration of your computer.





Now we are going to complete the installation.





In the meantime, if you receive any popup message, then allow it to access and finally click on the finish.





As soon as you finish, you will come to your default browser where you will find the interfaces shown below.  Where you have to click on Access WordPress.





Now you will be able to see your new website.





Now you have to log in to your website dashboard by fixing wp-admin after your website address and press on go or enter key and login with your username and password where you will meet the interface shown below.  So friends, now you can design your website from your dashboard.



Thank you.


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