Skills That You Can Learn From Google Allo Features

Skills That You Can Learn From Google Allo Features.

We have used Whatsapp, Viber, Wechat, Line… with many different features. Now Google launched the new instant messaging app with various great features, which have never seen in any of the earlier messaging apps. Google launched Google Allo on 21st September 2016 in competition to all the other messaging apps. So you can learn from Google Allo Features Here on Eduvantiology , I am going to discuss some exciting features of Google Allo.

Smart  Reply

Google Allo contains Smart Reply inbuilt. Smart Reply provide automatic replies, while on a conversation. This mainly saves time giving the best user experience to a user. It uses artificial intelligence to read and text and the replying format of the user. With the help of artificial intelligence, Google Allo comes up with relevant suggestions. This app picks up the user’s idioms to offer smart replies, while on the conversation.

Variable sizes of text:

This app is made to give more meaning to the words while on the conversation. Google Allo provide use features in which we can vary the size of the text which is like Shout or whisper.

Photo work:

This is the only app that allows you to edit the photo before you send it like draw a smiley or mix colors or add text to your image.

Google Assistance

Google Assistance is one of the best features which I love the most. It allows a user to search nearby or movies right on the chat with another person. This feature allows a user to find the video to share it on the chat, get directions and find answers together with the friend. Just add @google, and your assistant will be ready to help you with anything you need.

Incognito Mode:

When it comes to digital communication privacy is of great concern. To solve this concern of a majority of users Google has introduced Incognito Mode in Allo. This feature is designed to provide a fully secure chatting experience to the users. Just Click on Start Incognito Chat and select the person with whom you want to start the chat.

Image Recognition:

For intelligent replies Google provides Image Recognition software inbuilt in Allo. This can easily find a difference between two images and can suggest the best response while on the chat.

Auto delete messages:

This feature allows you to delete the messages once they are read. You can set a timer, which starts from 5 seconds, once a message is read it will delete automatically.