Record screen in Windows with Chrome extensions

Record screen in Windows with Chrome extensions

I have been finding ways to record screen in Windows. But it was not able to find a simple and easy way to do the same. So my purpose to write this post is to help the people who want to record there Windows Screen for any purpose.

Below I have used a Tool which is Loom Chrome Extension to record the screen and share the same with family and friends.

Record Screen in Windows

Using Loom Extension:

First, go to Google Web Store

Then Search for Loom in the search bar on the right side.

This will show you a list of Extension that is available in the Google Store. Tap on the “Add Extension” button next to Loom extension.

This will give you a Pop-up a screen tap “Add Extension”. This will check the browser and Loom Extension will be added automatically in your Browser on the top right side. Now you are ready to start recording your screen.

Just click on the Loom Extension on the Top right corner it will give you options to record your screen.

Select the screen recording as per your requirement and click “Start Recording”

The best part of this extension is that the recording is directly converted into a link. Which can be easily shared with anyone.

There are some exciting features linked with the Loom application please click here to check the Loom application features.

I hope this has helped you to records your screen in Windows. For more existing stuff for Windows please click here