How To Change WordPress Admin URL WP-Admin For Security


How To Change WordPress Admin URL WP-Admin For Security


Hello friends once again, you have a very secure technology, just by doing this, no one can hack the c-panel of your website and you can keep your website safe from hackers.


Come on friends, just take some time and learn your unique tricks.


So you connected with us.  And Read each step carefully and learn How To Change WordPress Admin URL WP-Admin For Security.  If you have any problem, comment below or go to Contact us and express your views.


 Step- 1


First of all you have to log in to your WordPress website’s dashboard.  After this, you click on the plugins option in the left menu bar. And go to add new.



 Step- 2


Now type in the search box WPS Hide Login and press enter key.



 Step- 3


Click on install now on WPS Hide Login as shown below.



 Step- 4


Now activate it by clicking on active.




 Step- 5


Now click on Settings in the left panel menu and click on the WPS Hide Login option.



Scroll down here and on the option of the WPS Hide Login section, and type here the changed login URL that you want for your security reason and Redirection URL section to add any page of your website. Because when hackers login your default C-panel URL that is WP-admin. He Redirected to your Redirection URL section which you add on the Redirection URL section.


 Step- 6


In the last step, go to your browser and type the new link and login to your secured C-Panel.



Now you are completely secure. Now no one hackers can harm your website as well as your C-panel.


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Thank you.